There’s a reason the Grants Pass slogan is, “It’s the Climate!”
Not only do we enjoy the climate to live, work and play, but it is also conducive to a range of agriculture. 

Grants Pass is home to a wide spectrum of local farmers who produce fruits, vegetables, lavender, wine grapes, herbs and much more. Many use the seeding method to grow their plants. They produce fine products that can be purchased in select stores or at the local Growers Market. Click on an picture to find out more about the land and products at each of these places.

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Josephine County is a GMO-Free Zone
When the Shoshone first set eyes upon the territory that would one day be known as Oregon, they claimed it “the land of plenty”. Much has changed in the almost 150 years since Oregon became a state, but one thing remains the same, it is still the land of plenty. Among its most precious jewels is Josephine County, where visitors to Grants Pass come to enjoy not only its breathtaking scenic beauty, but also its glorious bounty of fresh foods and local farms.

Claiming fame as one of only nine such counties in the entire United States, Josephine is a GMO-Free Zone. This means that no agricultural production of genetically engineered produce is allowed within the boundaries of the county. Our neighbor to the south, Jackson County, is also a GMO-Free Zone. With a superb climate and reputation, the Rogue Valley has a unique bio-diversity of crops and is ideal for growing a wide variety of food and seeds. The seed growers of the region are known throughout the world and regularly sell on the international market. Due to the ordinance prohibiting genetically engineered agriculture, all of the food and seed grown in the Rogue Valley is free from pollen drift contamination and is completely GMO-Free.

The Rogue Valley is alive with traditional and organic farmers who value the wholesomeness of real food. It is a wonderful place to visit and an excellent place to shop for locally-grown produce. The weekly Grower’s Market on Saturday, features some of the best produce in the country, and the local restaurants also shop locally and many promote GMO-Free options on their menus on a regular basis. Come to Grants Pass to experience the majestic beauty of our forests and rivers, the unique biodiversity of the region, the wholesome food and one of only 9 GMO-Free Zones in the country.

Mary, Oregonians for Safe Farms and Families

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